Are you cut out to be a top producing real estate agent?


Are you cut out to be a top producing real estate agent? No really are you? For those of us that have entered the real estate space full time I have to believe there is a shared collective dream, at least in the beginning, that everyone wants to be wildly successful and to make a lot of money showing sexy properties all around town. I’ve been managing agents for about 10 years now and have been success coaching and trying the show the pathway to building a successful career in real estate. I’ve recently come to realize that my coaching methodology has been flawed. I have always coached on the premise of successful habit formation and long term consistency. As I’ve said in the past success is nothing more then consistent activities done over a long period of time. It’s simple and easy to monitor and coach on. 


This coaching method is flawed.  You have to first start at the core of the person doing real estate to understand if there is a foundation to build real estate greatness. In my opinion the core principles are outlined below and explained in further detail.


  1. You must be a man or woman of action
  2. Real Estate is a lifestyle and not a job
  3. Consistency is consistency
  4. Attitude is everything


You must be a man or woman of action


To be successful in real estate you have to be constantly on the move. Always thinking about your next step. Every successful real estate agent I have met has this desire to keep evolving.  Complacency is death in our business. Successful agents don’t wait for the business to find them, they think about where to find new business and attack. 


Real Estate is a lifestyle and not a job


This is a 7 day a week job, it just is. Get over it. No one is owed a weekend. A free day in this business is earned. The first year to two years of a real estate agents career should really have no days off. Once you leverage and start obtaining help with the business you grow you can start thinking about any time off. If you take time off in our business you are basically saying you are willing to take a double hit. You are not making any money while you are gone and also willing to give up potential business (leads) that come in your absence. Successful brokers get this and pick up the phone at 9pm on a Friday. The ones that don’t and complain about it don’t last very long.


Consistency is consistency 


I can’t re-iterate this enough. Successful brokers get great at doing a specific set of activities (usually for lead generation) consistently over a long period of time. Eventually they grow a team and team members do it for them. However they never let off the gas paddle to grow their business daily. The agents that don’t have this in them just keep hitting reset on their business and never end up growing a residual book of business. 


Attitude is everything


This is the big one. 70% of all success can be attributed to attitude. Attitude is everything from confidence to positivity. Nothing can be done with a bad attitude. Once an agent lets themselves get trapped in a bad attitude everything spirals out of control. Successful agents have learned to not get too up or too down over any specific thing. Never missing a days worth of activity is how top agents win more clients over a longer period of time then the average agent. 


My mentor recently told me something that brought me to this conclusion. I thanked him for changing my life and turning me into the person I am today. Over years of daily check in’s and coaching I was able to become the machine of production that I am today. In that conversation he stopped me and told me that he did not change who I am. He worked on bringing out the core person that I always was. That blew my mind. The more I thought about it I realized he was right. The core was always there he just had to peel away the bad layers to get there. 


I can’t look at any one person and tell them if they will be a top producing broker. I can teach what it takes but I can not change who they are. If you want to be great in this industry the core principles don’t change. You either have it or you don’t from the start. Do you have what it takes to be a top broker? The only person that knows the inevitable answer is you. 


Published in Real Producer Chicago Magazine 

Grigory Pekarsky is the Managing Broker of Vesta Preferred and a Principal partner with the RNP Real Estate Group