Downtown Chicago Has Some Amazing Spas for a Makeover


MAkeover.jpgOccasionally in life we just need a change, whether it is work or personal. Even just a change in hair style or color or different make up can change the way you feel about yourself and enhance your view of the world.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to feel special, Chicago is overflowing with salons that off a variety of services from hair and makeup to skin treatments and waxes. To make life simpler we have put together a list of the best place in Chicago to go for a makeover.

Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa

If you go to Johnathan Breitung give yourself a whole day so you are able to take advantage of the salon and the spa. When you go upstairs you will meet with a stylist to talk about your cut and color. Make sure you meet with a makeup specialists upstairs as well.

When you are downstairs in the spa, meet with a skin care specialist to discuss a facial or other treatments. This is also where you will find facial and body waxing.

Patricia Marie Salon

Patricia Marie is the owner and she has done makeovers and would clearly understand what result you are looking for. However, every stylist at Patricia Maria is great.

When you call to make your appointment discuss with the receptionist the type of hair you have and what each stylists specialties are.

This salon also has a makeup specialist, so if you are looking for a complete transformation you shouldn’t just think about hair style.

Penny Lane Studios

This salon works with many of Chicago’s top theaters and understands that a makeover can mean changing color and style completely or something as slight as highlights and a fresh cut.

When working with the makeup specialist their goal is to send you home with tips on how to better apply your makeup yourself.

Penny Lane Studios also works with wigs and those who come in after a medical treatment.

Van Cleef Hair Studio

Chicago Makeover.jpgOne benefit to going to the Van Cleef Hair Studio is the owner’s knowledge of different hair textures and challenges, specifically that of African Americans.

The stylists here are concerned with the health of their clients’ hair so they will talk about what to do if there has been chemical damage.

Not only does this salon offer hair services on the first floor, but have mani-pedi, waxing, and facial treatments on the second floor.

Streets of London Salon

If you are interested in what is fashionable from a London stand point you may want to think about having your makeover done here.

Not only do they understand the desire to try a new and different hair color and cut, they also know what is good for your hair and scalp and what is not.

They will also work with you on what it is that you want to do at home to keep up your new look.