Give us 2 years and make six figures for the rest of your life


“Give us 2 years and you will never make less than six figures again for the rest of your life.” - This is our motto at Vesta Preferred and we stick to it. When we developed our “easy” to follow formula and partnered it up with training, it was a no-brainer to us. We were going to teach anyone that wants to listen, how we do what we do and everyone is going to make a ton of money.


However, what we quickly came to realize is that it is obviously not easy, for reasons we cannot control. Success is not an elusive beast in a mythical forest that only a righteous few are lucky enough to encounter. Success is obvious. Success actually couldn’t be more obvious. Think about it. How many times have you heard what it takes to be successful? As kids success was judged by our grades and accolades. It was never a secret why someone did better than you on the test. On an average basis, they spent more time studying, working harder for better grades. There is no doubt that if you put the effort in, you would see your grades rise. As adults, it’s the same, in any job you have if you put in the effort and time you will inevitably get better results.  


Here is how we paint the pathway to success at Vesta. We see success as the road to your destination, meaning the daily work an agent puts in. Our focus is on the daily activities and never the result. Focusing on results is pointless, control what you can control. Success is the result of a collection of daily activities executed over a long period of time. The journey to success sometimes feels repetitive, it’s definitely not sexy and often boring. It’s not that the pathway is a difficult one, it’s just long and tedious. However, our need for immediate gratification is real and more intense now than ever before. It is becoming more difficult to find people with a true understanding of what it will take to make it in this business. Agents come in seeing real estate as a quick pathway to that Bravo million dollar listing money.


At Vesta, we make this attainable but what people do not grasp is the hard work and daily grind that it takes to get there. We put a plan in place for agents to know exactly what they need to do and provide the tools and resources to allow them to do it. We call them MMA’s “Money Making Activities”. They are simple actions such as making 30 phone calls a day, post a certain amount of ads online and for current clients make sure to touch base. With focused effort, an agent can knock out the daily plans in a matter of hours. There is not much more to it than that. In a nutshell, this is what I have been doing for the last 10 years of my career. Of course, there are other niche strategies that develop over time, along with a vast transactional knowledge of real estate that helps me land bigger clients. 


Everyone starts without one deal under their belt. As long as there is a daily effort to get yourself in front of as many people as possible you will be successful. At Vesta, we give you the proper foundation to build on and become a successful real estate agent. I like the term real estate is a contact sport. The more contacts the greater chance of success. At the most basic level, this is the foundation of anyone’s real estate business. So why do most agents fail within the first 6 months of their career? They don’t stick to the plan. The daily grind is too redundant and stagnant. They don’t believe the process will work for them so they fall off. 


Over my career, I have come to understand how one action echoes another in this business. This plan works but you can’t fall off. No matter what is going on in your life you have to get your activities done. Vacation? Sorry, but you can’t fall off. Sick in bed? Nope. Picture success like an overflowing bucket of water. When its overflowing things are going great and money is coming in. Each activity is a drop you put into that bucket and it needs a constant flow for it to overflow. However, beware! The bucket has a hole at its base so its’ constantly draining and if you don’t put the right amount of activities in on a consistent basis your bucket won’t overflow. Success will feel consistently out of your reach and you will just watch that kid next to you in class get that A+.


Grigory Pekarsky is the Managing Broker of Vesta Preferred and partner of the RNP Real Estate Team. His writing is featured in Real Producers Chicago Magazine.