Where to Go in Chicago for Indie Rock Music




Indie Rock Chicago.jpgMusic is popular in Chicago and one genre that brings in massive crowds is Indie Rock. There are some outstanding venues that present Indie Rock musicians. At most of the venues you will need a ticket to enter and these shows do sell out.

You will want to make sure you check the venue websites to get the details on the show you are interested in attending. Below you will find the 5 best places in Chicago to go for Indie music.  

The Empty Bottle

For quite some time now The Empty Bottle has been a staple in Chicago for music. They present multiple live musicians that include groups that are local and groups on tour. This Ukrainian Village Bar’s dark ambiance is a great fit for Indie Rock music. The Empty Bottle’s music calendar is full with many shows that are free and some that will require a ticket be purchased online prior to the show.

The Hideout

The Hideout is a famous and loved music venue in Chicago, it labels itself as place for those who don’t fit it or don’t want to fit it to come. The Hideout hosts a variety of live music and Indie Rock is one of them. The venue is small making it a great place for the musicians and audience to get close and have a fantastic time.

Double Door

Located in Wicker Park this bar gets busy when there is live music. Local performances like Indie Rock bring out a large crowd, so you will want to arrive early to get a good seat. Double Door is famous for presenting artists that are up and coming superstars, plus there are typically surprises during live music acts.


Subterranean.jpgThis is a cozy venue that holds up to 400 guests and is a fantastic spot to see Indie Rock. There is a balcony that presents a nice view of the stage, but it does fill up quick. The music is loud enough so no matter where you are in Subterranean it will be a good spot. Online you will can find a calendar with which musicians will be performing and many of them do require a ticket.

The Whistler

Compared to the other venues The Whistler is more of swanky venue where Jazz is frequently performed, though you can find live Indie Rock music on their calendar. The atmosphere is pleasant if you are looking to get away from the dark and shabby kind of atmosphere.