How Patience Can Save You Money When Searching For a Luxury Downtown Chicago Apartment
Looking for a luxury Chicago Downtown luxury apartment is strenuous. What can help is knowing a few tricks and tips from your friendly neighborhood broker and apartment specialist. Searching the massive sea of rental ads through the many avenues of online portals and word of mouth can be quite daunting. However knowing a few tricks and....
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5 Steps to Secure Your Dream Apartment
The “busy” season is back with a vengeance this year. The busiest time in the downtown Chicago luxury rental market ranges from the beginning of March to the end of September. More renters then ever are searching to find that perfect place to call home this year. Limited inventory and high demand is limiting the....
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Owners of Vesta Preferred Celebrate Latest Chicago Real Estate Aquisition
  If you’re going to talk the talk then you better walk the walk!  The owners of Vesta Preferred, Brad Robbins and Grigory Pekarsky, are celebrating their latest multi unit purchase last week. The property is located in Logan Square where it is booming and promises to not only climb in value but the rents are....
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Luxury Chicago Apartment Deal of the Week: 1401 South Apartments
Hello my deal hungry friends. This weeks “Deal of The Week” is 1401 South Apartments. If you’re looking in the South Loop for a great deal on a luxury apartment, then this is the spot you need to check out. 1401 South Apartments are not your standard apartment homes. This building was built focusing on aesthetics,....
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Top 4 Factors to Think About When Planning to Sell Your Home
So you’re thinking of selling your home. Where do you start? The thought is exciting and scary at the same time. However looking at it on a step by step basis is always a good way to begin planning for a successful transaction. Overall there are some main things to consider.   Declutter Its been....
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Why it Benefits You to Work With One Broker in Your Luxury Search
I often find that rental clients are under the impression that they need to be working with as many brokers as possible. When I get a new client, I ask them if they’re willing to let me represent them as their broker and if they’ll work with me one on one. On occasion I get people....
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Top 5 Misconceptions About Working With a Locator to Find Your Luxury Downtown Chicago Rental
Thinking about moving to the city of Chicago? Chances are you have come across hundreds of ads on the internet marketed by leasing agents and brokers or otherwise known as “locators” in the Chicago leasing industry. You think to yourself, “Wow I sure would love some help with my apartment search but I’ve heard so....
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