Forever Leased

The first insurance based leasing model by Vesta Preferred Realty. Pay a small monthly fee for unlimited tenant acquisition.

Insure your leases with Forever Leased. Never pay one months rent again but rather a small monthly amount to keep your properties rented at top market rates. Unlimited releases included.

No 1-Month Equivalent Broker Fee

A thing of the past. Pay a small amount monthly for the security of knowing you have a team ready to go whenever you need a new tenant.


Forever Leased provides seamless tenant acquisition when a current tenant is vacating for a small monthly fee.


With Forever Leased, landlords can feel confident that the new rental rate they are proposing is market appropriate and if the tenant opts to not resign we will find a qualified tenant ready to jump on the proposed rate.


Forever Leased removes this uncertainty. By paying for tenant acquisition services with a small monthly fee as opposed to whenever a new tenant is needed landlords have the security of knowing that when they need a new tenant their partner, Vesta Preferred Realty, will step in to lease the home immediately at the highest rental rate possible.

Brokerage Check-Ins with Tenants

Having an understanding of what your clients are thinking and what their next steps may be helps landlords forecast what may be upcoming. With Forever Leased, Vesta agents regularly check in with your tenants to get a head of any potential move outs.

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    “I just finished my second transaction with Vesta Preferred Realty. It’s great to see over the last three years, their service has grown from excellent to perfect.”  –  Kerm F